Short Words Filter

  1. Create an interface as follows.
     public interface Filter {
       boolean accept(Object x);
  2. Implement a static method in the Filter Interface applyFilter. The method would take an ArrayList of type object objects and a Filter Instance, and would return all items in the objects array that are accepted by the supplied filter. NOTE how the method parameter and return types are Object so it can accept any type.
     static ArrayList<Object> applyFilter(ArrayList<Object> objects, Filter f) {
       // loop over the array list of objects
         // if the passed filter's accept method returns true, then add the element to the arraylist to be returned.
       // return the filtered array list
  3. Create a class ShortWordFilter that implements the Filter interface.
  4. The accept method for this class should accept all string of length < 5.
  5. Modify the main method of the ApplicationRunner to do the following:
    • Lets user pick a text file using the JFileChooser.
    • a text file of some random words is included in the project.
    • Remember to set the working directory for the JFileChooser * Uses the ShortWordFilter to display the short words from the file. It can be called as such
       Filter.applyFilter(myArrayListOfwords, myShortWordFilterInstance);
        * Loop over the filtered array and print the word to the console.