Classes and Objects

  1. Accept the Lab2-OOP (Link is on Canvas)
  2. Clone the repository
  3. Open the project in IntelliJ
  4. Modify the empty Person class in accordance to the class description below.
  5. create an ageValidation Method that throws an ExceptionInInitializerError exception when the YOB is less than 1900.
    • Use this method in both the constructor and the setYOB methods.
  • You are done with this lab if you pass all the tests in PersonTest
    • we will be learning about unit tests later in the class 😉 🌟

Person Class

 String firstName; 
 String lastName; 
 int YOB;- Year of Birth
- Range should be 1900-2010
- make sure validations happen in the constructor as well as the setter method.
 Constructor- 2 constructors; one that takes first and last name, and the other takes the same plus the YOB
 Getters and Setters 
 public String fullName()returns a concatenation of the first and last names
 public static int calculateAge(int year)- A static method that takes a year and returns an age.
- Use the Calendar Object to get current Year (may requires a bit of web search)
 public int getAge()- gets the age of the person object.
- Use the calculateAge() method for this