Submitting your assignment (Lab)

  • Go to your GitHub profile, Edit your profile, to add your name and upload an image of yourself.
  • Go to the students: IT2045C students over the years Repository in the Class organization.
  • Copy the Git URL to the repository

  • Clone down the repository to your local computer.
    • Method 1: Using GitHub Desktop
      • We want to clone an existing repository. So you can either:
        1. select the first option on the left Clone a Repository from the Internet…
        2. OR, you can go to the menu bar and select File -> Clone Repository...
      • Go to the URL tab and in the first text field, paste in the git URL to the repository.
      • The Second field is where the project will be downloaded to. Once you’re done, click clone.
    • Method 2: Using the Command line
      1. using the command line, navigate to where you want to clone the project. Using the cd command. i.e.: cd path/to/where/you/want/to/save/the/project
      2. Clone the project: git clone
        • you may be prompted to login with your username and password
  • Create a branch off of master.
    • Method 1: Using GitHub Desktop
      • Create a New Branch
      • to ensure uniqueness, name the branch with your 6+2
    • Method 2: Using the Command line
      • run the following command git checkout -b gilanyym
        • instead of gilanyym type in your 6+2.
  • Create a file under _data/Spring20 . The file should be named as GITHUB_USERNAME.json for example: Ygilany.json
  • Introduce yourself by modifying the file using any Text Editor of your choice
    • use this Emoji cheat sheet to select an emoji. (First line of the example file below)
    • type in an introduction message in the introduction line
    • list 2-4 achievements you’ve accomplished recently that you’d like to share with the class.
    • Share at least your LinkedIn profile page in the links section.
        "emoji": ":smirk_cat:",
        "role": "Student",
        "introduction": "I'm excited to learn about you all!",
        "achievements": [
        "links": {
            "site": "LINK_TO_YOUR_WEBSITE",
            "linkedin": "LINK_TO_YOUR_LINKEDIN_PROFILE",
            "facebook": "LINK_TO_YOUR_FACEBOOK_PROFILE",
            "twitter": "LINK_TO_YOUR_TWITTER_PROFILE",
  • on GitHub Desktop, you should something like this
  • You can then click the commit button then the publish branch
  • Go back to the file and make one change to the file
  • Make another commit and push
  • Create a pull Request to project
    • Method 1: Using GitHub Desktop
      • You can click the Create Pull Request button

Or through the website

  • make sure you select your branch from this list

  • modify the pull request title, then select create pull request

Let me know once you’re done


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