Visual Studio Code Settings and Extensions Sync

In my demo videos, you may notice that my Visual Studio Code IDE, provides with me with a lot of cheaters, helpers, and utilities that makes development a little easier. In this post, I’m sharing some instructions for how you can setup you VSCode IDE with the same settings and extensions I have here.

To get started:

  1. you’re going to need to install the Settings Sync Extension on VSCode.
    • Go to the link and click install. It will open VSCode and open the extension page
    • Click on install to download the extension image 1
  2. Once installed open VSCode Command Palette using:
    • For Windows: ctrl+shift+P
    • For Mac: cmd+shift+P
  3. In the command palette, type Sync: Download Settings image 2

  4. On the Following Screen, click on Download Public Gist and type in 416f36fd3c23571ecab1d3f3a5815fea image 3

  5. Open the command palette and type Sync: Download Settings again and watch the extensions get installed.

  6. You may need to close VSCode and open it again for all extensions to take effect.